Due to Video-on-Demand services picking up steam, broadcasters are now rethinking of transforming their dated, hardware-driven services into a more agile, flexible, technology-friendly, and cost-effective one. Here comes the importance of cloud playout. More and more broadcasters have started adopting cloud playout solutions to launch their live TV channels instantly across OTT platforms.

What is Cloud Playout?

Traditionally, playout is a term in broadcasting that refers to the transmission of radio or TV channels produced by a broadcaster into terrestrial networks that helps in delivering content to the viewers.

A cloud-based playout solution is a virtual interface that automates both live & on-demand content ingestion, media asset management, scheduling, encoding, and cross-platform delivery in a complete cloud setup. It receives a playlist from your media library, ingests live feeds, downloads media assets and graphics from storage, and plays out the channels on the web, mobile, and connected TVs seamlessly.

With the help of Muvi Playout, you can launch and run your very own LIVE TV Channel and distribute it digitally across your own branded platforms like websites, mobile apps (iOS and Android), and smart TV apps (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV) instantly!

Benefits of Cloud Playout

From easy installation, instant deployment to infinite scalability, a cloud playout solution has a host of benefits. By using cloud playout solutions, media companies and OTT channel providers can launch their TV-like “pop-up channels” faster, and deliver content more efficiently.

Infinite Scalability– An advantage of a cloud-based playout solution is the ability to scale- you scale services according to market needs and changing business plans.

Instantly deployable– The best thing about using a cloud playout solution is the almost instant go-to-market. Due to quick onboarding, you can launch a channel and spin up services in a matter of minutes.

Transparent Workflow– A cloud computing environment makes it possible for the customer to have increased transparency and involvement in their operational workflow.

Customized content– With cloud playout, broadcasters can address the growing demand for tailored content, by delivering personalized programming and advertising that appeals to the viewers’ interests and geographical location.

What’s Cloudie TV Playout?

Built-in the cloud, Cloudie TV Playout allows you to create multiple live channels from your existing on-demand content and stream across a variety of platforms like web, mobile, and TVs to millions of viewers instantly. All you have to do is to select the video you want to schedule, choose the time slot, and hit the play button.