FAST Channel Playout- Broadcast-Grade TV

FAST Playout from Cloudie TV is a broadcast-grade GPU powered private cloud solution for FAST and traditional broadcasters using an integrated scheduling platform. Get your channel launched, broadcasting and monetizing within 7 days.

Linear Channel Curation

Upload MRSS, FTP or API content to our platform and get curating a FAST channel within a few hours with immediate distribution networks.

FAST Channel Playout

All our cloud playout channels are GPU powered for graphics and multi-layer video for a fantastic experience.

FAST Channel Apps

Deploy channels to multiple platforms in days or fully integrate with VOD and deploy your own CTV/OTT app under your brand.

Cloud Playout from Cloudie TV

Get a headstart in OTT Channel creation and distribution with Cloudie TV

FAST Channel distribution - a want of many channels who are looking for the opportunity to capture a high percentage of the CTV audience. Cloudie TV enables you to proactively distributed across multiple platforms with ease due to the origin channel quality.

If you want to be seen everywhere then you need Cloud Playout from Cloudie TV.

Multi-device friendly browser based dashboard

Schedule multiple channels from anywhere on the planet in Full HD & 4K using follow the sun team working.

Cloud Playout servcies can usually have a lot of ties into a preset structure, at Cloudie TV we can integrate our data into your existing dashboards as well as your existing MAM and scheduling software with full VPN access for scheduling anywhere on the planet.

01. Add Television & Film Content

Upload and process hours of television series, shorts, adverts, and films from anywhere in the world using local POP technology so you are never a hop away from our resilient services.

02. Curate your TV Schedules

Curate your channel schedules, add graphics, include RSS news tickers, animated logos based on the time of day, now and next graphics, and squeeze box routines all through our dynamic dashboard from anywhere in the world.

03. Distribute your FAST Channel Globally

With Cloudie TV we can take your master schedule and transcode separate UTC time zones with automated EPG creation to multiple OTT and Connected TV Platforms to provide dynamic versioning for every channel.
Cloud Playout Dashboard
Cloudie Playout
Cloud Playout from Cloudie TV

We listen to your needs and add you to the product development cycle of our solution.

Linear Cloud Playout in Full HD customers is encouraged for feedback by the design team for adding features or tuning software dashboards and content formats. The Cloudie team allows all users to get involved with making Cloudie TV the best cloud playout solution for all FAST broadcasters.

Cloudie News & Information

Cloudie News and information regardng the latest distributions and the latest channel launches

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