FAST Channel Monetization

FAST Channel Monetization involves inserting a broken pattern within a linear channel or AVOD asset, which is then replaced uniquely per viewer by an ad pod consisting of many yielding different length adverts. The advert's length and the viewer's presumed value provide a revenue usually reported as CPM.

Cloudie TV traditionally trades at a value of $35/cpm minute of advertising for general channels which rises to $70/cpm minute for premium content and high audience channels.

FAST Channel Business Models - we make them

Many companies are trying to calculate how their existing broadcast business will have to change to embrace FAST business models and OTT streaming services. Cloudie TV knows that change is difficult so monetization with Cloudie follows a traditional broadcast business model and we are more than happy to walk you through it.

FAST Channel Monetisation

We fill 100% of all AD-Pod ad breaks to provide a consistant audience experience for viewing retention whilst maximizing the revenues earned per hour of television watched.

Engage and Grow OTT Audiences

It is all about engaging audiences and advertisers in FAST & OTT broadcasting

The FAST business model revolves around audiences and advertisers, the technology just allows you to do that engagement efficently.

To make money in FAST you need "eyeballs", viewers who watch for a specific amount of time mixed with premium advertisers that want to be put in front of these eyeballs and are willing to pay a premium to be in front of the "Right Eyeballs", we call this addressable targeting.

Audience Viewing Hours x Premium Advertisers = REVENUE

1 million viewing hours x Premium Ads = $5-6m/annum

Monetization with Statistics is a Science

FAST Channel Monetization is all about people & data

Successful FAST Channel and OTT Monetization can react to the statistics to react to the data to grow audience viewing hours and attract and trade higher advertising revenues. Cloudie TV provides all the tools to integrate your loyal audiences to maximize revenues.

FAST Monetization Integration includes:

FAST ChannelMonetization

Social Media Integration

FAST ChannelMonetization

Email & Data Integration

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FAST Channel Monetization

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Broadcast FAST Channels Globally via Kapang

Broadcast any Cloudie TV produced channel on Kapang within 72 hours to 100,000's of people to start monetizing within a few days without having to wait for platform on-boarding with other suppliers.

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