Cloudie Playout has announced that their Cloudie Playout Solution V2 now includes global distribution to unlimited platforms with no cost to the channel owner with subsidized packages for Kapang primary broadcasters.

Cloudie Playout & Kapang are dedicated to making TV look the same as it always has but using Connected TV networks to deliver fasters and to more devices, but the technology has seemed to devalue the playout origin qualities which is not exciting audiences.

Cloudie Playout allows anyone to create a broadcast grade supported channel within a few days which is comparable with channels on cable and satellite networks, Kapang standardised this as FAST2.0 and has subsidized some channels to reboot their channel into a broadcast-grade channel.

The Cloudie Playout V2 now includes:

  1. Broadcast-grade GPU powered cloud playout service,
  2. Broadcast-grade Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), with delivery at up to 10Mbps
  3. Broadcast-grade distribution via SRT & RIST
  4. Broadcast-grade linear transcoding,
  5. Broadcast-grade Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)
  6. Ad-server decisioning software (spring serve),
  7. Broadcast-grade monitoring, logging, and compliance recording,
  8. 247 monitoring and support from the Cloudie Team,
  9. 80/20 Revenue share with Kapang in the UK and USA

All the above services are included in a single $0.05/hour fee for every hour that is watched with forecasted earnings from $0.25-$0.60/hour depending on content quality and audience.

Cloudie has removed the requirement for broadcasters to integrate Playout, Transcode, CDN, SSAI , Ad server, monitoring, Ad Fill, and reporting by providing a single end-to-end product that is fully supported with a single point support team.

Download the sales pack here – download – or check out the website at