cloudie playout

Ad buyers are paying a lot more than channels receive

Over the past couple of years, interest—and investment—in connected TV advertising has been growing. Advertisers, eager to combine the benefits of digital media buying and measurement with the appeal of sound and motion on the biggest living room screen, are paying top dollar to do so—$20 CPMs or more, according to our […]

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Cloudie Playout

Cloudie Playout channels have 80/20 rev share

Cloudie Playout has announced that all channels produced on Cloudie Playout will get an 80/20 revenue share with Kapang in the UK and USA via it’s all inclusive $0.05/hour viewed by an ad-funded viewer. Get 80/20 revenue share across the 17million hours already being watched on Kapang earning you in […]

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Cloudie Playout V2 with zero cost distribution

Cloudie Playout has announced that their Cloudie Playout Solution V2 now includes global distribution to unlimited platforms with no cost to the channel owner with subsidized packages for Kapang primary broadcasters. Cloudie Playout & Kapang are dedicated to making TV look the same as it always has but using Connected […]

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