Cloudie TV provides full global distribution of television channels.   Easy delivery from the origin playout  to the traditional broadcaster platforms or to some of the largest OTT Platforms such as Kapang, Pluto TV and Samsung Plus.


TV Delivery Solution


Cloudie TV delivers its linear content via Broadcast CDN.  The Broadcast grade content delivery network was the creation of View TV Group enabling Cloudie TV and the various other products to deliver low latency live television and media via the internet (IP) using a network of infrastructure and avoiding the high costs of point to point services for each independent broadcaster.

Cloudie TV can deliver the core origin channel as well as a number of variation channels containing different branding, audio, and formats at pace with high cost-saving efficiencies across the globe.

Cloudie TV can deliver from anywhere to anywhere fast and efficiently so you do not have to worry that technology is restricting your opportunities.